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Does the E38 BMW 740IL Live Up To The Hype? | Old School Luxury

In this video we try to answer the question does the E38 BMW 740IL live up to the hype. We''ll tell you about the E38 BMW 740IL and share our thoughts on if its as special as everyone says it is.

The E38 generation of the 7 series started production in 1994 and lasted through 2001. The 740IL we're reviewing in this video is from the 2000 model year. In 2000, the E38 7 series received a facelift that swapped out the headlights and taillights and bumped up the torque due to changes to the M62 engine

Speaking of the M62 found in this 740IL, it was tuned several times since its existance and ended up in several different BMW models, including the very popular 540I. Separately the M62 had a sportier version, the S62 which ended up in the E39 BMW M5. The M62 in the 740IL is a silky smooth V8 powerplant that takes you down the road effortlessly and provides a pleasant driving experience.

The interior of the E38 BMW 740IL is a very nice place to be. Its hard to believe that its a 20 year old car as its design is very simple and timeless. One of the items that caught be surprise is how comfortable the 740IL really is. The seats have a very large number of adjustments available.

This E38 740IL is a long wheelbase version which means it is 5.5 inches longer versus the 740I model. That means the rear passengers have more room to stretch out and get comfortable. The rear seats in the bmw 740IL are extremely comfortable and have a lot of storage room.

Overall, does the e38 bmw 740IL live up to the hype, tune in to find out. Thanks for watching this video of the e38 740IL.

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Slammed "VIP" BMW E38 740il - One Take

The "VIP" style involves slamming a car as low as it will go, and adding luxury features such as curtains, tea trays, embroidered pillows, and other accessories to increase the car's luxuriousness. Though this BMW 740il is light on the pillows, what surprises us is that it is slammed at a fixed height, not on airbags, and yet, somehow, it drives well. Go figure.

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Here's Why the 2001 BMW 7 Series Is the Best Luxury Sedan Ever


The 2001 BMW 750iL is a special car -- and I think it's the most beautiful luxury sedan ever. Today I'm reviewing the 2001 BMW 7 Series to show you why I think the E38 7 Series is such a great car.

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