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[Media art team] 프로젝션맵핑(projection mapping) 튜토리얼 - 01

[Media art team] 프로젝션맵핑(projection mapping) 튜토리얼 - 01


이번 영상은 프로젝션 맵핑(projection mapping) 제작에
필요한 것 들과 과정을 대략적으로 설명하는 시간을 가졌습니다.

재미있게 봐주세요~


♫Music By♫
●KlyzR - The Temple Of Heaven [Bass Rebels Release]
●Song -

●Download/Stream - http://smarturl.it/TheTempleOfHeaven


홈페이지: http://www.shudder.co.kr

페이스북페이지: https://www.facebook.com/954524074606...

인스타그램: https://www.instagram.com/leeseunggeu...

3D Projection Mapping promoting The Tourist in Dallas

This building projection was to promote the new movie "The Tourist" starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas hosted a party with this 3D architectural mapping projection art show, it was projected on the Praetorian Building at 1607 Main Street. The size of the projection was 80' x 80'.
All content created by Jack Hattingh http://www.jackhattingh.com and Alan Demafiles of PointCloud Media http://pointcloudmedia.com

'Axioma' - 3D projection mapping at LLUM BCN Festival 2016 in Barcelona.

From February 11 to February 14, 2016, Barcelona has celebrated its winter 'Fiesta Mayor' in honor of Santa Eulàlia with the popular LLUM BCN festival. At different spots of the city, the festival is bringing together light and tradition. The young multidisciplinary studio Onionlab (http://www.onionlab.com/) has created 'Axioma', a mind-blowing 3D stereoscopic mapping that could be seen at Plaça del Rei.

For further information, just follow the link: http://weandthecolor.com/llum-bcn-festival-3d-mapping-by-onionlab/67632




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